Take Action

  • Choose Vegetarian! - Every time we sit down to eat, we can choose compassion over cruelty. Adopting a diet free of meat, dairy, and eggs is perhaps the single most important and powerful action you can take to prevent needless cruelty to animals.

    Visit ChooseVeg.com for helpful tips, recipes, and more information about choosing healthy and humane plant-based alternatives.

  • Urge Grocers to Reject Cruel Gestation Crates - Ask grocery giants Sobeys, Superstore/Loblaws, Metro, and Walmart, which all sell pork from the factory farm investigated by Mercy For Animals, to immediately adopt policies prohibiting the sale of pork from facilities that confine breeding pigs in gestation crates—narrow metal cages barely larger than the animals' own bodies. These abusive crates, which have been banned in numerous countries and US states, prevent sows from even turning around, lying down comfortably, walking, or engaging in basic natural behaviours.

  • Spread the Word - Share this investigation on Facebook and don't forget to send a link to the investigation to your friends, neighbours, coworkers, and family.
  • Make a Donation - Please consider making a donation to help Mercy For Animals continue our vital work to expose and end cruelty to animals.

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